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Joshua Nelson Barton, 1827-1903

This is a picture of Joshua Nelson Barton and Sarah E. Hoop Barton, picture courtesy Niels Witkamp. The other picture is indeed Mahlon Barton and Anna Barton, after comparing that picture to another picture. Per Niels:

"Hi Rick, that's sort of a funny coincidence that Roda's headstone is on that one picture and that happens to be your ancestor. My in-laws for a while owned a cabin at the camp meeting where Joshua died. They got it passed down through the generations. I'm not sure if it was the actual cabin Joshua owned (and died in), but I know it came from his daughter at least. They sold it a few years ago since they were not using it much. Camp meeting is still held at Crystal Springs for a week in August. When camp meeting is in session you HAVE to have your cabin (still called a 'tent', even though they are wood structures now) open for the entire week and due to other obligations they were not able to fulfill that, prompting them to have to sell it.

Akersville is a pretty nice cemetery, with lots of old stones. Too bad a lot of them are leaning, it seems worse than at most other cemeteries, maybe it's the soil or a mole problem?

Included with this e-mail are pictures of Joshua Nelson Barton and Sarah Hoop Barton as well as a picture of what is assumed to be Mahlon Barton and Anna James Barton. The person who gave us a copy of this picture said that their names are not written on the picture, but he was told when he got the picture (I assume from his parents) that they were a direct relative of his (on that particular side of his family)and a possibility of who it might be. Then through researching when the picture was made, when the clothes they were wearing would have been worn and who they resemble he said he was certain it had to be Mahlon and Anna. Whether you want to assume the same is up to you. We have the picture on our wall as being Mahlon and Anna, but I just wanted to let you know that at this point we might never be 100% certain it actually is them."


Birth: Apr. 28, 1827
Death: Aug. 25, 1903

Joshua Nelson Barton Family Tree

Find A Grave Site for Joshua Nelson Barton

Here is a picture of Joshua Nelson Barton and Sarah E. Hoop Barton, picture courtesy Niels Witkamp.

Joshua Nelson Barton:

Sarah E. Hoop Barton:

News story from Niels Witkamp:

News story from Niels Witkamp:

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