Thursday, June 3, 2010

Larry Michael "Mike" Rogers 1953-1994

Larry Michael "Mike" Rogers is in the Mausoleum at Evergreen Memorial Gardens in Vancouver, Washington. Larry Michael Rogers was cremated and his ashes was put in the mausoleum crypt containing his mom's body. Although he was generally known as Larry, family members called him Mike. I never called him Larry.

Mike died at age 41 from a heart attack. Mike's father Albert also died at a heart attack at age 41. Unfortunately, Mike smoked and was overweight. His union had been out on strike for three weeks when Mike died. He said he would die in his forties.

Mike began working for Albertons super market chain when he was 16. He liked the people so well at the Mill Plain Blvd/Andresen Road store, he would stack groceries for free before he could legally work there. He was with Albertsons his entire working career.

When we were younger we used to water ski in the Columbia River. Mike went to McLoughlin Junior High School and graduated in 1971 from Hudsons Bay High School in Vancouver. Mike played in Little League. Mike was a fun loving person to be around, he is missed.

Larry Mike Rogers in Little League in the 1960s in Vancouver, Washington (top row, second from right, notice the infectious smile):

Below, Larry Michael Rogers and Jerry Albert Rogers with the rifle, and Jerry's dog Pepe, circa 1959, at Tracy, California:

Below, dinner at 917 Topeka Lane in Vancouver, WA. at his mom's house, Larry Mike Rogers is in front middle with the white shirt:

Below, senior picture, Class of 1971, Hudson's Bay High School:

Below, Jerry Albert Rogers and Larry Michael Rogers:

Below, circa 1954, left to right - Larry Michael Rogers, Albert Rogers, Jerry Albert Rogers:

Below, Picture taken July 1960 - Monzella Riley with her grandsons Larry Michael Rogers (1953-1994) (left) and Jerry Albert Rogers (1947-2004) (right) - Monzella Riley (1891-1923) died the same day her daughter, Monzella Riley (1923-1992) was born. Picture taken at Blanche Cemetery, Douglas County, Missouri.

Below, Christmas 1961, Jerry Albert Rogers and Larry Michael Rogers and Jerry's dog Pepe:

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