Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World War II, United States Naval Training Station, Farragut, Idaho

Both Harold Wayne Busig (Co. 134, 44 Camp Waldron) and Kenneth Eugene Busig were sent to the United States Naval Training Station in Farragut, Idaho before they were shipped out to the Pacific in World War II. While at Farragut, Harold Busig mailed some post cards to his parents who were then living at 5817 -E 1st McLoughlin Hts, Vancouver, Washington. Here is what it was like at Farragut, per the Navy. Pictures are all genuine photographs by Ship's Service Studio:

Eleanor Roosevelt allegedly noticed Lake Pend Oreille on a flight to Seattle. Knowing that President Roosevelt was seeking a location for a secure inland naval training center, she mentioned it to him and he made a secret tour of the area. Below are the black and white, no sound, videos of a tour President Roosevelt took in 1942. About 3:40 into the first video, you can see the President inspecting the the Farragut Naval Training Station then under construction:


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  2. Are the images on this cite public domain

  3. A lot of wounded Navy and Marine personnel also came through this place on their way back home.

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