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Monzella Grace Riley Rogers Waddington 1923-1992

Monzella Grace Riley Rogers Waddington

Birth: Jul. 16, 1923
Douglas County
Missouri, USA
Death: May 4, 1992
Clark County
Washington, USA

Father: Isaac Riley, born March 18, 1885 in Douglas County, Missouri
Mother: Monzella Grace Hough, born January 16, 1890 in Laclede County, Missouri
Monzella's first marriage was to Albert Rogers in 1946. They had two children:
Jerry Albert Rogers, June 14, 1947
Larry Michael Rogers, born July 22, 1953
Monzella's second marriage was to Alvin E. Waddington. They married November 15, 1969.

Below picture is from July 1978:

Left and below, Monzella's garden at 917 Topeka Lane in Vancouver, WA. was featured in the Columbian newspaper.

Below, Monzella liked to make dolls. Here are some of her dolls, the first one is called "Ada's doll." She also made quilts:

RILEY FAMILY REUNION, SEPTEMBER 1979, next 17 pictures:
The Riley family held a family reunion on September 1979 in Kansas City at Dr. Lou and Deloris Allen's house. Food on the menu was roast pig. Standing in back, from left; Glen Riley, Ada Mae Hubbard, Don Riley. Standing in front, from left; Deloris Allen, Monzella Waddington, Naomi Riley Massey, Ramona Sparwasser:

Honored guest:

Below, Deloris and Dr. Lou Allen:

Below, Mother and children - Standing in back, left to right; Glen Riley, Ada Mae Hubbard, Don Riley. Sitting in front, left to right; Monzella Waddington, Naomi Riley Massey (mother), Ramona Sparwasser, Deloris Allen:

Below, standing around the old stove from the Gentryville, MO. home place - Clockwise from left - Don Riley, Ada Mae Hubbard, Glen Riley, Ramona Sparwasser, Deloris Allen, Monzella Waddington, Naomi Massey (mother):

Below, clockwise around the table from the front left: Monzella Waddington, Carl Sparwasser, Ramona Sparwasser, Naomi Massey (mother), Glen Riley, Ada Mae Hubbard, Don Riley (face hidden), Deloris Allen and Dr. Lou Allen:

Below, clockwise around the table from the front left - Monzella Waddington, Ada Mae Hubbard, Ramona Sparwasser, Carl Sparwasser (standing) Naomi Riley Massey (mother), Tena Allen (standing), Deloris Allen, Dr. Lou Allen (standing), Don Riley and Glen Riley:

Below, Ramona and Carl Sparwasser:

Below, Naomi and her friend Louise on the couch:

Left, Monzella with her second husband, Al Waddington, at home at 917 Topeka Lane in Vancouver, Washington.

Below, from 1970, Monzella at the Blanche Cemetery:

Below, standing from left to right, Rose Waddington, Clarence Waddington, Alvin Waddington and Monzella Waddington
Sitting from left to right, Florence Waddington and Albert Waddington:

Below, dinner at 917 Topeka Lane in Vancouver, WA., Monzella's sons, Larry in the white shirt and Jerry in the black shirt next to him:

Monzella's first husband was Albert Rogers. They were married in Pasco, Washington on June 12, 1946.
Their children were: Jerry Albert & Larry Michael.
Monzella married her second husband, Alvin E. "Al" Waddington, in Camas, Washington on Nov. 15, 1969.
Monzella lived to be 68 years, 9 months and 18 days old.
Monzella had two grandchildren.
Monzella was laid to rest on May 6, 1992. The ceremonies were performed by the Very Rev. Kenneth Haydock. The funeral ceremonies were held on Wednesday, May 6, 1992 at 10:00 AM. Many friends, family members and members of the St. Joseph parish attended.


From the Columbian Newspaper, circa 1977:

Good service: Clerk provides extra bit of help

Monty Waddington, a sales clerk at Vancouver Mall, has been nominated for the Columbian's "good service" feature by Mrs. E. G. Morrison, who wrote:

"Mrs. Waddington, a clerk at Meier & Frank's 'top shop,' is just wonderful and so pleasant.
I was shopping for a blouse, but the store here did not have my size, so she called all the other Meier & Franks in the area to try and get my size. But none had it.
So she told me to get the material and she'd gladly make me one. Now isn't that remarkable from a store clerk you've never met before?
Another time I found another blouse I liked and the same thing happened - they didn't have my size. So she took my name and address and phone and then called the other stores.
Then she called me and said she'd found one and she had it sent right to the house. I didn't have to wait, go back to the store or anything.
Monty is such a lovely lady to have wait on you."

Mrs Waddington has just begun her 11th year as a Meier & Frank clerk, haing been at the Lloyd Center store until moving to the new Vancouver Mall outlet.
"I like the personal touch with the customers," she said. "I take my customers very seriously. I like my custoners."
Mrs. Waddington said she especially is happy at the Vancouver Mall store, where she said "we have one of the nicest store managers" and where the store is "personal, like a family group."
Mrs. Waddington's husband, Alvin, is a retired truck driver. A son, Jerry, 30 is in the drywall and construction business, while another son, Larry, 24, is an assistant supermarket manager.
When she is not providing special service to customers, Mrs. Waddington often is busy in her yard - specifially with flower gardening.
"Anything that blooms, I have it in my yard," she said.
In addition to all kinds of flowers, she and her husband vegetable garden on property the own in the Minnehaha district. They live in McLoughlin Heights, at 917 Topeka Lane.

Below, June 12, 1946 - Albert and Monzella get married. Also with them in the second picture are John and Irma Rogers:

Below: Picture taken around 1936 at Jake and Ada Stout's place in Douglas County, southwest Missouri:
Standing, left to right: Donald Ira Riley, Monzella Grace Riley, Naomi Riley, Isaac Riley, Isaac Glen Riley:
On the chairs, left to right: Ramona Riley, Delores Riley, Ada Mae Riley

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